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TRIS Translation and Interpreting Center has been in translation business since 1993, and today, we are the leading provider of translation and interpreting services. Setting ourselves the objectives to achieve high translation and customer service quality, we took the path of continuous development. Our highest values are quality, timely fulfillment of all orders, and customer convenience.

    • Simultaneous Interpretation School
    • Interpreting

    Partnership is our first priority, for being our customer you will receive substantial benefits:

    • all your orders for translation of specific-subject texts are done by the same translator who specializes in this field;
    • every translated text always undergoes copy-editing and proofreading procedure;
    • all organizational issues concerning your translation order will be handled by your personal manager;
    • we have a discount system which helps reduce the price you pay for your order.

    We work closely with many foreign embassies and representative offices, banks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Bank of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice, and leading Ukrainian companies. This fact, and also letters of gratitude and testimonies which we receive from them, describing our company as the best translation company in Kyiv are the best proof of quality of our translation services.


    • translation;
    • checking translated text against the original;
    • editing and proofreading;
    • software localization;
    • website translation;
    • typesetting and layout of translated materials;
    • evaluation of test translation;
    • consecutive interpretation;
    • simultaneous interpretation;
    • certification of translated documents with our company seal;
    • notarization;
    • apostilling and consular legalization.

    For further information please contact us via:

    tel.: +38 (044) 587–76–76

    e-mail: office1@tris.com.ua 


    TRIS, one of the largest translation companies, shares its experience. We continue to enroll certified philologists and interpreters to teach at our Simultaneous Interpretation School.

    This is a unique opportunity for specialists from different regions of Ukraine to improve their skills: you will pass testing, take one of our courses (full course, simultaneous interpretation course, consecutive interpretation course, streamline course) which suits your needs, receive necessary materials and textbooks, undergo theoretical and practical training under our leading experts and, upon completion of the course, will receive a certificate and possibility of employment.

    Call or write us, and receive our class schedule and expert consultation:

    8 (044) 590–59–03

    e-mail: razvitie@tris.com.ua

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