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Skill improvement courses

Skill improvement courses


Our Simultaneous Interpretation School also offers foreign language improvement courses.

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Classes are conducted by competent simultaneous and consecutive interpretation instructors from leading universities in Ukraine and other countries, experienced simultaneous interpreters, and consultants in psychology working upon author’s programs.

Target audience: active interpreters, employees of state-owned and commercial companies and organizations who want to improve their knowledge of foreign languages, foreign language teachers/instructors.

Goals and objectives: improvement of interpreting skills and knowledge of foreign languages.

Enrollment criteria: attendees must have advanced knowledge of foreign language or knowledge at В2-С1 level according to the European Framework classification.

What’s included in the program:

The program involves intensive translation and interpretation (including simultaneous interpretation) training. It includes study of theoretical and methodological problems of translation/interpretation from/to foreign languages.

We are proud of being able to share many years of experience in translation and interpretation business

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Foreign language courses

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