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Typesetting of documents

Typesetting and layout of documents

TRIS Translation and Interpreting Center offers a wide range of ancillary services:

Technical processing of documents:

  • composing of text from monographs and printed originals;
  • html-typesetting includes full integration of localized website text at html code level (2 pages in А4 format);
  • color scanning and insertion of illustrations in a document without processing the original (photocopy quality);
  • color scanning and insertion of illustrations in a document including processing (clearing, leveling, fitting, color correction, and other).

Typesetting and layout in professional publishing systems:

  • Simple typesetting with maximum approximation to the original of translated texts (initial formatting, tables, diagrams, and so on are kept as is, i. e. fully unchanged);
  • Medium-complexity typesetting involves creation of layout sheet using customer’s sample.
  • Complex typesetting means creation of complete typeset including search, scanning, graphic processing of any schemes, drawings, images, and photographs, selection of fonts necessary for publication of customer’s material as agreed upon depending on project’s complexity (detailed design and styling development).

Publishing services:

What we offer is not just professional translation; we can make a complete typeset to publish your materials in a printing house (preprinting preparation) and, if necessary, make single copies or typographically print the whole circulation, do bookbinding, and so on.

For further information please contact us via:

tel.: +38 (044) 587–76–76

e-mail: office1@tris.ua 





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