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Legalization of notarized

Legalization of notarized documents

Documents intended for use abroad may be notarized according to Article 98 of the Law of Ukraine On the Notariat. Documents executed according to requirements of international law may substantially differ from documents used in Ukraine. A document intended for use abroad must be executed in Ukrainian language. Translation of this document into a foreign language must be done according to the rules of certification of correctness of translation from one language into another.

Execution and legalization of powers of attorney and affidavits

When executing documents intended for use abroad, the notary must take into account certain specifics pertaining to the form and execution of these documents. For example, besides the spelling of family name, given name, and patronymic according to the bearer’s Ukrainian passport, powers of attorney and affidavits may additionally include name transliteration in a foreign language. Family name, given name, and patronymic of an individual must be stated in full, as well as his/her place of residence.

Date of power of attorney may be stated either at the beginning or at the end of its text. Upon request of diplomatic missions of foreign countries accredited in Ukraine, notaries may execute the following affidavits (within the scope of their license):

  • parents’ permission to their son (daughter) to marry a foreigner;
  • permission to move abroad for permanent residence;
  • parents’ permission for foreign travel of their underage children;
  • parents’ permission for adoption of their children and change of family name, given name, and patronymic.

Text of documents executed by notary must state the embassy or other government agencies of the country which the person concerned applies to.

Execution and legalization of minutes of meeting and resolutions

We have substantial experience in legalization of company documents intended for use abroad. Below is the list of legal instruments which we legalize:

  • articles of association (charter);
  • resolution of meeting;
  • license;
  • affidavit/statement;
  • certificate;
  • power of attorney;
  • minutes of meeting;
  • certificate of registration.

There are cases when customer contacts us with a document which cannot be legalized for whatever reason and needs a competent assistance in preparing or executing an alternate version of this document.

Not all documents may be legalized. In certain cases, a consultation from the ministry or the consular service might be needed. Usually, it takes 1–2 business days. Upon review of the document they will either confirm that the document may be legalized or point to problems with it which must be fixed.

For further information please contact us via:

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