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Training in consecutive interpreting

Training in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting


The Simultaneous Interpretation School is the first training center of this kind in Ukraine, established by TRIS Translation and Interpreting Center for graduates in linguistics and translation who work or plan to work as interpreters.

We offer the following courses:

  • consecutive interpretation;
  • simultaneous interpretation;
  • psychological and business training of interpreters;
  • Russian/Ukrainian as a foreign language;
  • business Ukrainian language;
  • courses in foreign language from rare language group for professional communication.

Our program is not intended to replace university academic programs and does not duplicate foreign language course programs.

Our goal is to help experts who already achieved certain required level of their language and interpreting skills to improve their qualification, get additional knowledge and skills, learn how to interact efficiently with customers, receive deserved reward for a professional job.

As the largest operator on Ukrainian translation market, TRIS offers practical training at actual events under our leading experts and, upon completion of the course, issues a certificate and ensures employment for those who fared the best. This course was devised to meet market demands.

After completing the full course and with sufficient prior linguistic and interpreting skills one can achieve substantial results and become a fully-competent interpreter. Shorter and more specialized courses are devised for experienced interpreters trying to improve their skills and ‘stay in good shape’.

We invite the best instructors from Ukraine and abroad. The enrollment procedure involves review of applicant’s resume and verbal testing to help us select the most appropriate course.

The Simultaneous Interpretation School offers 2 options:

  • summer interpretation school where you can master a few-month program in short time — enroll now!
  • a semester course.

For free test appointment, please call us at 8 (044) 590–59–03. All resumes and other correspondence must be e-mailed to the following address: razvitie@tris.ua

CREDE EXPERTO — trust experts.

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For further information please contact us via:

tel.: +38 (044) 587–76–76

e-mail: office1@tris.ua 





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