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Site translation

Website translation


  • Software localization

  • Typesetting and layout

If you need to have a website translated (or more precisely, localized) into one or several foreign languages, we will be happy to provide the following services:

  • Translation of website text and its adaptation to requirements of target audience (resulting in the translation of website in the Microsoft Word document format).
  • html-typesetting (resulting in the translation of html-pages including translation of hidden text).
  • Replacement of text on images and in Flash files, and in files in other multimedia formats (resulting in the conversion of files into required formats).

Website localization means translation of a website into foreign language and its adaptation to a certain language environment. A website must be comprehensible, understandable, and close to the target audience. To achieve this purpose, website translation is done or checked by native speakers of language in question. If necessary, certain website design elements may be changed.

Besides text translation per se, the following points are given special attention in website localization projects:

  • Number, date, and time presentation formats.
  • Currency unit formats.
  • Symbols, characters, and colors.
  • Content elements which can be wrongly interpreted in a certain cultural environment.
  • Legal requirements.

We will help you build relations with your customers based on mutual trust and understanding.

For further information please contact us via:

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