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Our prices

Thanks to a huge amount of orders we handle, we are able to charge affordable price for our translation services while maintaining high quality of translation. We also offer a flexible pricing system and various discounts.

Our regular customers enjoy a whole number of benefits offered by service agreement with our company. Take advantage of our pricing system:

  • our text measurement unit is a conditional page which contains 2,000 (not 1,800 or even 1,600) printing characters including spaces and punctuation marks. With the same volume of order, say 100 ‘our’ conditional pages, you will pay for 11 or 25 pages less than you would have to pay had conditional page contained 1,800 or 1,600 printing characters, respectively;
  • verification, editing, and proofreading costs are included in our price quote;
  • we offer discounts on large orders, with discount amount depending on order volume.

Additional fees are charged only for urgent orders (when translator’s workload exceeds the applicable daily norms) and orders which have high degree of complexity.

How to pay

  • Pay in cash at our office
    Addresses of our offices.
  • Pay by bank transfer
    You can pay by bank transfer according to our invoice. To receive invoice, please e-mail us the following information to office@tris.com.ua:
    — full name of payer company;
    — number of your order;
    — fax number;
    — individual tax number of VAT payer;
    — certificate number of VAT payer.

    When we’ll receive the above information we will e-mail or, if necessary, fax you an invoice. The required accounting documentation (original of invoice, service delivery act, etc. ) will be sent to you by registered mail after receiving your payment. Courier delivery within Kyiv is free of charge.

  • We accept payments in euros and US dollars. To receive invoice, please e-mail us the following information tooffice@tris.com.ua:

What’s included to our translation rates

When your order is fulfilled, you are often quoted the final price different from what you were expecting. Why the price goes up?

It turns out that text editing, layout, and typing costs were added to the price you have previously agreed to… These are mandatory stages of work on your order, and undoubtedly, these services must be paid for. The only thing, though, is that you should have been informed beforehand that the cost of these services is charged separately.

Another important point is the ‘unit of measurement’ of translation. In different companies, ‘conditional page’ contains different number of printing characters: from 1,600 to 2,000. With the same translation rate per conditional page in two companies you can save up to 20% on the price you pay, if you’ll go to a company where conditional page contains 2,000 printing characters.

Serious companies may afford to sustain reasonable prices, which on top of that also include additional services, up to courier delivery.

Therefore, when checking with a translation company for their rates, make sure to ask them what services are included in the price they quote you. You have full right to know what you’re paying for.

For further information please contact us via:

tel.: +38 (044) 587–76–76

e-mail: office1@tris.com.ua 


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