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Simultaneous interpreting


What is simultaneous interpreting?

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter renders the message in the target language while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. It is considered the most difficult mode of interpreting and requires the highest qualification of specialist.

Why simultaneous interpreting requires use of special equipment?

The equipment allows for simultaneous sounding of the source-language speech and the translation.

How many interpreters are involved in simultaneous interpreting and why?

As a rule, simultaneous interpreting requires two (or more) interpreters who must be fluent in both the source and the target language and have thorough knowledge of translation topic. All our simultaneous interpreters specialize in particular fields of knowledge and have substantial experience and highly-professional training. However, because of the huge mental strain caused by specifics of this mode of interpreting, interpreters have to replace each other every 15-20 minutes.

Organization of events that require simultaneous interpreting employs two schemes of seating the audience: ‘theater’ and ‘round table’.

Audience seating options:

‘Theater’ seating scheme

Used mostly at conferences, symposiums and other events where one speaker delivers the speech and the rest of the audience are seated in the hall.

‘Round table’ seating scheme

Used mostly at seminars, focus groups, etc. where attendees seated at the ‘round table’ discuss particular problems or matters.


Simultaneous translation equipment will help ensure simultaneous perception of information by all listeners regardless of the language they speak.

Simultaneous translation equipment

The standard simultaneous translation equipment package includes:

  1. Attendee kits for particular number of listeners

Every attendee receives a light portable infrared simultaneous translation receiver with simple headphones. Protection against unauthorized eavesdropping and interference is provided by the infrared spectrum of transmitted signal and digital encoding. Light headphones are connected to the receiver, and all the listener has to do is to select a channel to listen to simultaneous translation in the language he understands. If simultaneous translation is rendered in several languages, the translated messages are transmitted each over its own channel: in Ukrainian on channel 1, in English on channel 2, in German on channel 3. The listener has to select a channel and adjust the sound to a comfortable level using convenient volume adjuster on the side of the IR receiver.

  1. Round table conference system and base module

Conference system provides the best solution for sound systems at conferences and round tables. Conference system includes microphone (long or short), ‘on’ button, microphone ‘on’ indicator, miniature loudspeaker, translation channel selector buttons. To start speaking, the speaker has to press the microphone ‘on’ button, and when the red indicator comes on, the speaker may begin speaking. The chairman’s conference system has additional ‘gong’ button and the priority microphone ‘on’ button. When an attendee begins speaking, his built-in loudspeaker turns off. Up to four conference systems may be turned on simultaneously – their number may be set in the base module’s menu.

  1. Interpreter console and special headsets

When rendering translation, simultaneous interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and wears earphones, so that his voice does not muffle the speaker’s voice. Excellent design of the interpreter console makes it very convenient to use. The console has protection against interferences which mobile phones may create. All information that the interpreter needs is displayed on the monitor. Programmable buttons for selection of translation language. Ergonomic design of the simultaneous interpreter console and easy-to-understand control function. Number of translation channels: from 1 to 31.

  1. Portable interpreter booth

A portable booth for two simultaneous interpreters. An excellent choice for conferences, presentations, forums. On the outside, the booth is coated with expanded vinyl that provides excellent soundproofing. The back wall is open.

  1. Transmitters, radio microphones for the auditorium and microphones for the presidium

In addition to standard package, we offer rental of additional simultaneous translation equipment, in particular: laptops, audio modules, projectors and screens. In sum, we have all you need to organize a bright, vivid presentation, because the fate of high-cost projects often depends on the quality of presenting information.

TRIS Translation Center also offers Tour Guide, a mobile system for organization of sightseeing tours and other similar events for groups of up to 65 persons. Thanks to this system, every listener receives information on the individual basis using personal radio device.

  • The Tour Guide consists of the two main elements:

RXTour, an individual radio receiver that comes with headphones, and TXTour, the base transmitter held by the speaker (tour guide). The listener’s receiver has individual volume adjuster, signal strength indicator and battery charge indicator. The Tour Guide receiver comes in light, shock-resistant case.

TRIS Translation Center LLC offers simultaneous translation equipment of two types: radio and infrared.

1. Infrared equipment: Sound Plus set transmitting signals in the infrared spectrum at the frequencies of 2.3 to 3.8 MHz.

The base set includes:

• headphones and receivers (for up to 250 listeners)

• interpreter booth (desktop or Euro standard)

• mixing console

• transmitters

• sound system

• microphones

2. VIP-class infrared equipment from Bosch/Phillips is ideal for events with the number of attendees of up to 3000 persons and the number of working languages of up to 32.

3. Sony radio equipment

Advantages of doing business with TRIS Translation Center

We at TRIS Translation Center guarantee individual approach to every customer, regardless of for how long or for how many people you want to rent equipment. Every customer who asked us for help in overcoming language barrier and conveying important information to foreign guests is important for us. The equipment rental fee includes:

  • Equipment delivery, installation and dismantling.
  • Services of technical personnel and complete engineering support for your event.
  • Selection of the best layout scheme and preparation of the auditorium for your event.
  • Equipment installation in any city of Ukraine.

Our highly professional simultaneous interpreters will do fast and quality translation job for you. We employ only certified interpreters who care about prestige and reputation of our customers. Thousands of grateful testimonials from all over Ukraine, hundreds of events we worked at, complete accuracy of rendered information and high quality of translation are the best proof of high degree of professionalism of our interpreters.

For inquiries concerning language interpretation services, please contact us at:

For further information please contact us via:

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