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Interpreting represents a substantial and integral part of business negotiations with foreign partners and clients. Thanks to experience and professionalism of TRIS’s highly-skilled interpreters, our clients receive quality service that often becomes crucial for the successful outcome of their events.

Since the inception of TRIS Translation Center in 1993 our standards have always been affordability, communicability, and customer orientation. You may always rest assured that for every event we will select a personal interpreter who specializes in the particular field and meets all your requirements.

We can provide the necessary simultaneous translation system in any location in Ukraine. We also offer concomitant services to help you concentrate on more important tasks while preparing your event. Your personal manager from TRIS Translation Center will handle a number of aspects directly related to organization of your event, in particular: selection of facility, selection of narrow-specialization interpreters providing consecutive or simultaneous interpreting service, selection of the most suitable equipment (conference systems, microphones, infrared, radio or portable equipment for simultaneous interpreting).

We have over 700 interpreters whose services received high praise at more than 3500 official conferences, seminars, corporate trainings. All bilateral intergovernmental talks and sessions of various commissions, committees and working groups held in 2013 were successfully organized thanks, in particular, to the efforts of our interpreters (consecutive and simultaneous) working in the following areas: economics, manufacturing, technical cooperation, metallurgy, metalworking, culture, information technologies, etc.

Our Interpreting Department offers the following services:

  • simultaneous interpreting and simultaneous translation system rental;
  • consecutive interpreting;
  • multimedia translation;
  • interpreting during telephone talks;
  • interpreter guide’s services;
  • certified interpreter’s services during notarial acts;
  • selection of highly-professional interpreters for long-term projects and for staffing purposes;
  • conference management (organization of events)
  • Interpreting services in Ukraine and abroad
  • Promoters with knowledge of foreign languages

For inquiries concerning language interpretation services, please contact us at:

For further information please contact us via:

tel.: +38 (044) 590–59–04

e-mail: office25@tris.ua 





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