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Consecutive interpreting


What is consecutive interpreting?

In consecutive interpreting, the source-language speaker and the interpreter speak in turns. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter then renders the message in the target language.

How many interpreters are involved in consecutive interpreting?

As a rule, one interpreter for one language.

What events this mode of interpreting is used at?

This mode of interpreting is used at the following (and similar) events:

·  business meetings;

·  telephone talks;

·  press conferences;

·  trainings;

·  teleconference;

·  presentations;

·  personal assistance;

·  sightseeing tours;

·  company audits;

·  equipment setup.

How interpreters are selected for an event?

When selecting an interpreter for a particular event, we take into account the project’s topic, specifics and duration, location and other important factors. All our interpreters providing consecutive interpreting service specialize in particular areas (economics, law, medicine, etc.) and are ready to help you in handling tasks of any degree of complexity.


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