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Translation of multimedia

Translation of multimedia materials


Need to translate a video film, commercial clip, or audio recording of an interview?

We’ll do a literary translation, fast, quality, and accurately.

TRIS Translation and Interpreting Center offers breakdown and translation of video and audio recordings in foreign language. We work with all audio and video formats, translate recordings in writing, and can dub the material upon customer’s request. To translate multimedia materials we engage professional translators, narrators, and dubbing directors.

Our services include:

  • video film and video clip soundtrack and audio recording breakdown;
  • translation of audio materials;
  • translation of video materials;
  • video editing and audio engineering;
  • subtitling;
  • dubbing and professional dialogue replacement;
  • conversion of materials from one format into another.

TRIS works with all audio and video formats.

The process of working on multimedia materials consists of several stages:

  • Translator breaks down and translates audio material.
  • Editor edits translated material (if desired, jointly with customer). Customer approves the final text.
  • Audio engineer records the medium on video, sound, and text tracks. A mini contest among narrators is held, and customer picks the voice he likes.
  • Professional narrator reads the text in studio; after that, sound engineer records the sound over it. Translated text is recorded over original text or, if technical parameters allow it, a new soundtrack is created.
  • Synchronization of sound and video; encoding.
  • Subtitling (depending on technical capabilities, with the original text being deleted or kept).

For further information please contact us via:

tel.: +38 (044) 590–59–04

e-mail: office25@tris.ua 





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