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Written translation of texts and documents.

  • Верстка и макетирование 
  • Легализация документов 
  • Курьерская доставка  

Quality translation of texts and documents is a responsibility which only true professionals can undertake. We at TRIS Translation and Interpreting Center work for you, using and augmenting our vast experience. Speaking about our services, we’d like to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What translation subjects do you work with?

Our certified translators who specialize in certain field will do translation job of any degree of complexity. Every translator working on your order has substantial experience in doing translations of this kind. For details on translation subjects, click here

What number of languages do you do translation in?

Our team is comprised of translators fluent in 44 foreign languages in total. Every our translator is a highly-qualified professional. We carefully take note of customer’s every request and will make sure to fulfill his order at the highest level. For detailed list of translation languages, click here.

What are your translation rates?

Translation prices are estimated on the basis of our rate per conditional page containing 2,000 characters, which is 200 characters more than in other translation companies. Our prices range from 70 hrn/page up, depending on language and complexity of translation job. Editing and proofreading costs are included in the total translation price. Our staff will answer all your questions concerning order prices and fulfillment timeframes and will take note of all your requests and requirements.

Do you offer urgent translation service?

Surely! We understand every customer’s situation and do our best to meet his needs! If necessary, we do urgent translation. Our certified experts will do the job in the shortest possible time while offering the same high quality.

Do you guarantee quality of your translation job?

Of course: otherwise, we wouldn’t have been the leaders in translation business! When working on your document, we use methods which ensure the highest quality of translation while fulfilling all your requirements to the end product. To guarantee accuracy of translation we engage experts in that particular field and seek customer’s consent to terminology we use, creating terminology databases and glossaries. After translation is done, translated material is checked by editor and proofreader; this is a mandatory condition, which guarantees that the document is written in proper grammatical style and contains no errors. This mechanism helps ensure high quality of fulfilling your order. If necessary, we offer typesetting and layout of your text in special and professional publishing systems.

Do you use a machine translation?

— No. We strongly oppose this practice. Use of machine translation significantly lowers quality of translation. In addition to own experience and knowledge, our translators use terminology databases and glossaries when working on your order, and always give the translated materials to editor. We believe that this principle guarantees quality of job we do.

Do you keep order archives?

We can archive translated documents upon customer’s request. If necessary, we can provide you a sample of translation you’re interested in.

How can I receive my translation?

We at TRIS use all available communication and delivery channels. You can receive your translation both via e-mail in required format and via our courier delivery service which will handle receipt and delivery of your order. You can receive your order without leaving your office! For detailed information on our courier delivery service, click here

Also, you can always pick up your order at one of our offices.

How can I place a translation order?

To place your order, please contact one of our offices located in six raions of Kyiv and also in Kharkiv and Odesa.

For further information please contact us via:

tel.: +38 (044) 587–76–76

e-mail: office1@tris.ua 





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