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legalization of documents ZAGS

Certification of documents issued by a Civil Registry Office by a Department of Justice


Procedure of legalization of documents issued by a Civil Registry Office (ZAGS) has its specifics. Thus, for example, documents laminated (covered with protective film) on both sides cannot be legalized.

Documents of old form (issued prior to 1993) must be legalized as a notarized photocopy.

Documents of new form must be first certified by the Chief Department of Justice of appropriate regional jurisdiction (for example, a birth certificate issued in Odesa must be certified by the Chief Department of Justice for the Odesa Oblast).

Procurement of duplicates at a Civil Registry Office

To confirm certain facts which require registration at a Civil Registry Office, this office issues duly executed certificates and reference letters.

Certificate duplicates may be issued to persons who were entered into the office’s register. A duplicate of death certificate may be issued only to relatives of the deceased, in which case family relationship must be confirmed with appropriate documents.

No duplicate of a marriage termination certificate may be issued. In this case, the applicant may be issued only a reference of appropriate form.

Reference letters concerning birth registration, entry into and termination of marriage, name change, amendment of a register entry may be issued to relatives, adoptive parents, and legal guardians. Duplicate documents may be issued to other persons only upon notarized power of attorney from a person who is entitled to receive these certificates.

An application for a certificate duplicate must include:

1) applicant’s full name;

2) full name of the person whom the requested document concerns;

3) type of certificate requested;

4) register entry date and the Civil Registry Office which filed it;

5) purpose of the requested duplicate.

If a birth certificate is requested, full name of the parents must be additionally included to the application.

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